ModernLogic - API integration with various digital systems
ModernLogic integrates high volume, real-time packing solutions seamlessly with your Blue Yonder WMS



One of the key challenges that many growing companies face is to achieve a cohesive integration solution that is highly cost-effective, flexible, and sustainable but also quick to deploy.

ModernLogic has implemented a long list of successful integrations utilising ArcESB to deliver high-quality solutions to meet several design variations.

A recent challenge for ModernLogic was to implement a highly complex integration for one of our business partners on an incredibly aggressive timescale. Employing ArcESBs modern open architecture, the design integrated a number of component systems securely together using both Rest APIs and XML conversions across the design.

The project achieved the integration of an external customs and excise system with the Blue Yonder WMS, as well as replacing older existing platforms to consolidate onto a single solution.

High volume packing:
Modern systems depend more and more on APIs for communication, replacing the legacy flat-file interfaces of the past. One of our key high-end retail clients recently tasked us with building a full suite of integrations with their API endpoints to enable a high volume and real-time packing solution to be seamlessly integrated with their Blueyonder Dispatcher WMS system. ModernLogic rose to the challenge and delivered a bespoke solution, tailored to their exact requirements yet still maintaining the standard, core WMS functionality ensuring their support and path to upgrade remain in place.

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