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Transform your WMS with an AWS Managed Service

As an AWS partner, ModernLogic is dedicated to transforming how businesses use the Cloud. Our AWS managed services encompass everything from infrastructure and application management to support, enabling you to increase efficiency, reduce costs and innovate at scale.

Our strategic implementation process includes ongoing support to ensure that your move to the Cloud is not only aligned with your business objectives but is seamless and secure.

At ModernLogic we help you harness the power of AWS to navigate WMS complexities and drive substantial business growth.

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AWS Managed Services

Experience top-tier Cloud performance, scalability and innovation with ModernLogic. Our comprehensive AWS Managed Services are designed to streamline your warehouse operations and accelerate your business growth.

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By deploying Dispatcher with the AWS Relational Database Service (RDS), our customers benefit from all the advantages of a highly resilient Oracle Database solution. ModernLogic’s Oracle experts manage time-consuming database administration tasks, including provisioning, backups, software patching, monitoring, and hardware scaling.

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AWS Security Hub

ModernLogic uses built-in AWS security tools to keep your business safe and secure and ensure that your systems are configured to the highest standards and best practices. AWS Security Hub integrates with several other AWS services to enhance your security. These include AWS Guard Duty, Identity and Access Management, AWS CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail.

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AWS Disaster Recovery 

Minimise operational downtime and maintain business continuity with architecture designed by our product experts. Our solution ensures data loss in the face of a disaster is as close to zero as possible, meaning that your solution is back online and operational as seamlessly as possible.

Why choose ModernLogic as your Cloud Partner?

Choosing the right partner to migrate your WMS to the Cloud is crucial for unlocking the true potential of AWS.

At ModernLogic we combine deep AWS expertise with a commitment to delivering tailored solutions that fit your unique business needs.

Our approach focusses on understanding your goals, overcoming your challenges and providing scalable solutions that grow with your business. Partnering with ModernLogic is the key to enhanced operational efficiency, robust security and innovative cloud solutions.

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Benefits of working with Modern Logic

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AWS Certified Experts

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Customised solutions

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Continuous innovation

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Proactive security

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Reliable support

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What our customers say

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I cannot express enough about how seamless ML were. 

After about four weeks of the project, I realised I needed to shut up and let the experts do it. And I’d just dip in and give a process or business review where it was required. It was as seamless as I could have hoped for, and I can’t express enough that I have not had a partner be as good as Jon and Matt and all the team. They were impeccable.

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Tom McGrath

Head of IT Services Accolade Wines

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More happy customers

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Case study


ModernLogic’s partner, Accolade Wines had a large manufacturing base in Bristol, UK which it decided to sell to a bottling business, Encric. As part of the sale, Encric asked that Accolade Wines migrate portions of its IT infrastructure over to the new environment.

Accolade Wines’ architecture was quite complicated due to the automated vehicles which serviced the picking and warehousing processes. We had just a small eight-hour window to set up the new environment, move all the data across, turn the solution on and make sure that it was production ready.

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ModernLogic has high standards of technical proficiency and has successfully delivered AWS solutions to over 15 customers. We have extensive experience with Blue Yonder WMS products and have over 2,500 named WMS users.

Depending on the complexity of the project, it takes a minimum of 6 weeks from decision to go-live.

Is any regular downtime required? – To ensure security is maintained, one hour of downtime is required every month. We will arrange this at a time that is convenient for your operations.

Our offering matches the pricing of on-premises options on a like-for-like basis. AWS RDS has the added benefit of low initial outlay and regular payment options.

ModernLogic has experience with many large retailers that rely on Black Friday and Christmas trade. Your solution will be designed with headroom for peak volume and will be scalable to ensure that your customer base is serviced to the highest standards during your busier periods.

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