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Digital WMS
Warehousing future

How can you manage growing pressures for rapid fulfilment, increasing demand volatility and worsening labour shortages — while also controlling your costs to maximise margins? Read more about the trends reshaping logistics and how you can leverage the ModernLogic/Blue Yonder capabilities across warehousing and labour in this eBook

optimise service levels

The accelerated transition to eCommerce, omni-channel, and hyperlocal fulfillment are causing shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs) to renewing their distribution networks with digital operations. The need to address higher fluctuations in demand and cater to more varieties of fulfillment and direct-to-customer orders are necessitating a new level of prioritization, resource orchestration as well as automation



Customers are demanding faster deliveries with shorter order-to-ship cycles, and the warehouse environment is constantly changing. That means nonstop changes in staffing levels,
inventory positioning, equipment and work within the 4 walls of the Distribution Center. implementation, during the User Acceptance Training or after going live.

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Today, distribution managers don’t have time to create manual work schedules that are obsolete by the time they’re finished and result in inefficient use of increasingly expensive labour. Managers need new tools that automatically match labour to work requirements as the work changes over the day and week. implementation, during the User Acceptance Training or after going live.

“We chose to partner with ModernLogic given their significant expertise in Blue Yonder"

David Carline – Pets at Home’s IT business partner for Retail

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