Fantastic customer feedback to one of our graduates at ModernLogic. Would you like to join the team?



At ModernLogic, we believe in providing opportunities to young people and we commit lots of dedication in one to one training sessions so they get quickly fully equipped to satisfy customer expectations. See customer feedback below. Tom joined us less than 2 years ago as a graduate and he is already impressing our top customers with his customer service and technical expertise in WMS.

ModernLogic is looking for more graduates to join its growing team. If you would like to join a very diverse and fun team and most importantly like to delight customers implementing and supporting very impressive warehouses, please contact me at No experience needed. Enjoying troubleshooting and Maths will be an advantage.

Customer feedback below:

“Good afternoon everyone,

I just want to let you know that I was very impressed with Tom’s demo session last Friday. It was quite a large audience who attended the session and Tom handled it with great composure.

Furthermore, he also handled all the feedback he received throughout the meeting very well. Overall, I could tell that Tom has learned a lot since joining last year and I can tell he’s already become a good asset for ML.

Lastly, I reached out to Tom about this development earlier this morning as I’ve been off the last couple – not realising that he was on holiday today – but that didn’t stop him from spending 5 mins with me on a chat via teams.

Again demonstrating his good customer services and ownership of the change.

And on that note – I’ll let you get back to your day jobs.

Take care”

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