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ModernLogic was founded in 2018 by a team of former RedPrairie / JDA professionals who have built a reputation as industry leading professionals in Blue Yonder WMS implementations and Supply Chain Logistics Software.

With an established industry network behind us, we understand having something that just ‘works’ is simply no longer enough.

Expert Consultancy

Functional & Technical Consulting to maximise your investment with BY WMS

Managed Upgrade Program

Keeping your business on the upgrade path for years to come.

Subscription Services

Support covering Database, Operating System & Blue Yonder WMS.

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Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands

We offer a range of services for your Blue Yonder WMS, including Consulting, Support and Integration. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Our team have more than 100 years of combined experience working with Blue Yonder WMS systems. For as little as a 5 days exploration, we can recommend appropriate actions to improve your systems performance and security.

Each of our clients systems and operations are unique. Our team will investigate your current warehouse management system, and any other related system to fully appreciate what would be needed to complete a successful upgrade. It can be surprising to learn that many of our customers’ upgrade costs are often lower than expected, especially when accompanied with our subscription service.

Secondly we will work with you to attain confidence in the overall cost to deliver a successful upgrade.

The timescale for a warehouse management system upgrade depends on each customer’s solution. If there are no modifications, the duration of the project usually is a few weeks, including design, implementation and end to end testing.

Our teams can also very quickly integrate within your team to further improve the delivery timescales of the upgrade.

The optimum time to upgrade your warehouse management system is in line with your own security and support of your system. As your warehouse management system and its related components age, so does the cost to maintain them on an ageing stack ever increase.

Staying up to date with the latest Blue Yonder WMS provides an opportunity to enhance your support and maintenance, and remove unnecessary software modifications, thus further reducing your annual costs

Blue Yonder support fees cover development to embrace innovation, new technology, and new functionality as well as enhancements to resolve any specific system and security issues.  

ModernLogics subscription offers a tailored service for your system and environment. 24x7x365 access to named domain level experts providing hyper-care for your business over peak trading and volatile periods, delivering a fast response and resolution time. 

Additionally the service provides a fixed set of consulting hours that you can utilise as required for your own projects.

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