Subscription Services on your Blue Yonder WMS



Each year, the landscape becomes ever more competitive for retailers around the key trading period in the run-up to Christmas. 2019 saw a record £8.57 billion spent in the UK alone, and against a backdrop of difficult trading conditions in the first half of 2020 it is more important than ever to be ready to exceed your customer’s expectations and to drive up satisfaction and retention. Key to this is faith in your supply chain systems’ ability to deal with the pressures of peak and beyond.

ModernLogic’s subscription services are tailored to provide that extra layer of support, right when you need it the most. We combine our class-leading Blue Yonder WMS domain and technical knowledge to ensure issues are resolved quickly and securely, with minimal loss of service and a clear direction on root cause. Our unique blend of consulting and support services allow you to flexibly extend the reach of your team, without additional headcount, whilst providing 24/7 surety of service via our support arm.

For our long term partners, system health checks are included that compliment this offering giving you that peace of mind that your systems are in safe hands. These are timed to ensure maximum confidence prior to entering peak trading and allow you to have one less worry during those busy periods.

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