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ModernLogic believes that a new WMS implementation is the beginning of a new journey. Many years of experience have shown us that our most successful clients are the ones that are continuously improving and enhancing their Warehouse Management Systems to meet their customers’ ever-changing demands. At ModernLogic, we can help you with specialist knowledge to accomplish those enhancements without disturbing your production environment.


by WMS & Dispatcher

Our Blue Yonder WMS implementation experts have engaged in more than 1,500 days on New or Upgrade WMS Implementations in the last year alone. Our implementation processes draw upon years of in-depth Blue Yonder WMS expertise.

We speak the language of distribution best practices, and we benchmark your processes  to achieve superior performance with your new WMS solution. Embrace fast WMS deployments with ModernLogic expertise.

by WMS & Dispatcher

We are a leading Blue Yonder Partner in UK and EMEA, with a customer-centric spirit willing to do whatever it takes to ensure successful Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) upgrades focus on long term sustainability.

ModernLogic follows a very robust upgrade approach. A first discovery phase on-site with relevant discussions with key players will produce a high-level solution design.


A prototype of the new Blue Yonder WMS (Discrete or Dispatcher) will be setup within a couple of weeks using the high level design, so a follow-up model can be shown to the Operations team to make sure that all vital processes have been included in the new solution. Our customers can sign knowing what they are going to get exactly within the upgrade quote.

Any existent interfaces and automation is also reviewed, assessed  and a high-level estimate is provided as part of the whole Upgrade proposal.

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We understand that true integration is critical to enable your business to support today’s digital agenda.  It demands solutions that securely interface and connect the relevant data from your key systems as technology trends are showing that modular platforms with flexible APIs are the way forward.

ModernLogic already supports many customers in their journey to reduce their administration costs by integrating their Blue Yonder WMS directly onto their E-Commerce portal or by consolidating relevant data into a single view platform using RESTful APIs.

Automation and

As business pressures rise to distribute e-commerce deliveries to end customers, more warehouses operation look to add automation features to reduce their headcount and various overheads. Enabling your operational leaders to focus on productivity and maximising your output.

ModernLogic has vast experience in designing and implementing automation solutions across integrated WCS, Sorters, and ASRS solutions to work cohesively, reduce labour costs, and improve throughput performance.

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Training Courses

ModernLogic helps organisations to empower their employees by providing customised training specifically designed to your setup and processes. This training can be provided while we design and build a new WMS implementation, during the User Acceptance Training or after going live.

We provide Blue Yonder WMS accredited members to impart Blue Yonder WMS / Dispatcher courses. We use our product knowledge, technical expertise, and operational experience of your specific environment to maximise your investment in training.


Our support team are based in the UK, and they are subject-matter experts, highly experienced, and passionate. They are Blue Yonder accredited and are familiar with your specific configuration to ensure that they can swiftly resolve any issues with your WMS environment.

We offer a support subscription that can be tailored to your own specific needs, including consulting resource for minor change, as well as database management and infrastructure advice.


ModernLogic have Cloud offerings which can be tailored to your needs, from a fully managed hosted service to management of your Cloud environments. We can also provide advise on your Cloud strategy, and assist with migrating your solution to the Cloud.

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Consulting and support services with a named resource.

Onshore Support

Support services available accommodating your every need.

Cloud Hosting

Benefit your business with assisted AWS Cloud Services.

Environment monitoring

Monitoring tools to watch your system’s performance with alerting.

“We have been using ModernLogic Services for more than 2 years now, and I have been really pleased with their flexibility, extended knowledge and commitment”

Rob Williams – UNIPART

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