Celebrating in style- Our 4 Year Anniversary



We have been keeping rather busy at ModernLogic over the past few months and thought it was about time we gave you all an update.

At ModernLogic, the evolution continues and we are delighted to be sharing our 4 year anniversary, and what 4 fantastic years we have had! We are excited to see what the future holds and where we will be in the next 4 years.

Back in 2018, Jon Hewitt, Matt Jones, Gurmit Karyal and Oli Dearlove had a vision for ModernLogic, delivering quality services and entering into long term partnerships. In 2020, we became an official Blue Yonder  Partner for BY WMS, Dispatcher WMS and Third Party Billing products.

We understood what our customers needed, a consulting company engaged in an activity or project, delivering on time and on budget with high quality and accountability. Within our experience we understood how disruptive any down time is to an operation and chose to offer subscription services, 24/7 support coupled with on tap expert knowledge enabling our customers to move quickly when required.

Fast forward to 2022, we have evolved into an organisation where we are able to offer a full suite WMS of services including fully managed hosting, training, consulting, upgrades, custom developments, automation and integration. Most recently becoming a reseller of Blue Yonder WMS software suite.

Our business and team have grown and our success is down to 4 key ingredients:

·     Our loyal customers

·     Our dedicated team of experts

·     Our wide range of offerings

·     Our strong relationships with our partners

With hard work comes rewards and we have had the pleasure of announcing recent promotions to add to our board of directors, Emma McDonald who has been promoted to Customer Success Director and Jaya Madhuri promoted to Regional Director of our ModernLogic office in India, which opened in March 2022.

Here at ModernLogic we believe in diversity and inclusion with 40% of the workforce being women, much higher than the average for the industry. Wellbeing at ModernLogic is at the forefront of our ethos, and we have trained Mental Health First Aiders on hand and regularly donating to our charities of choice. We are a company that puts our people first, which is highlighted by introducing the Employee Ownership Trust in February 2022.

We have had great success with our first apprenticeship scheme which ensures our knowledge is shared to the next generation of Blue Yonder experts. This summer we are welcoming two new graduates onto our training program.

So much has happened in the last 4 years and we are looking forward to seeing the company grow to the next level. If you are looking for your next challenge and would be interested in joining an inclusive and supportive organisation, please get in touch.


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