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ModernLogic’s WMS offering includes an accelerated implementation layer, which is designed to expedite the deployment process and help you achieve quicker returns on your investment. This implementation layer consists of predefined configurations, templates, and automated processes that streamline the setup.

The accelerated implementation layer aims to simplify and automate various aspects of the project implementation process. It reduces the time and effort required to configure the WMS by providing preconfigured
settings and templates that align with industry best practices and standard workflows. This eliminates the need for extensive manual customisation and reduces the implementation timeline.

You will benefit from shorter implementation cycles, allowing you to start using the system and reaping its advantages in a shorter timeframe. The automation and predefined configurations also contribute to
smarter deployments, as they ensure consistency, efficiency, and adherence to industry standards.

ModernLogic takes on the responsibility of hosting and maintaining the Dispatcher WMS. This means that you do not have to worry about infrastructure, server maintenance, or software updates. ModernLogic handles these tasks, allowing you to focus on utilising the WMS to manage their warehouse operations effectively.

Overall, ModernLogic’s AWS cloud-hosted WMS offers businesses a comprehensive solution for optimizing their warehouse management processes. By taking advantage of this fully managed offering, customers can achieve greater time to value on their investment, enjoying the benefits of an efficient WMS without the burden of complex implementation and infrastructure management.

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Most frequent questions and answers

How can I purchase Dispatcher Cloud ?

We offer flexible licensing options which include perpetual and subscription models, catering for your budgetary requirements.

What is my timescale for implementation ?

If using the standard templates for our industry sectors an implementation can be between 6-12 weeks

Do you support my market sector ?

ModernLogic has expertise across multiple sectors including but not exclusive to Retail, e-commerce, telecoms, 3PL, Manufacturing and  Pharmaceutical

What support do you offer ?

ModernLogic have a dedicated UK support team that covers 365 days 24/7 across all regions.

What training do you provide?

ModernLogic delivers training either on a one to one training basis or you can take advantage of our online training sessions.

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